Hi, welcome to my website! I am a 21 year old self-taught composer, pianist, and all-around music lover! Through my website, I hope to be able to share with you everything I love doing, which is performing and composing music. Here, you will find links to stores where you can support me by purchasing my albums or by visiting my YouTube page.

A little about me?
Well, I have always loved video game music and ever since playing “The Legend of Zelda” at an early age, I’ve always wanted to dabble in something musical. At the age of 15, my musical journey began with the Ocarina, because of the “Ocarina of Time” video game. However, due to bronchial problems, playing a wind instrument was too difficult for me and so I moved onto the acoustic guitar. After practicing the guitar for a few years, I finally found my favorite instrument: the piano. I never seriously considered composing originals and it is through my friends’ and family’s support that has given me the confidence to write music.
Here’s to hoping for many musical and productive years together,
Seth Davis